Bunny Hinzman

Bunny Hinzman is a visual artist who embraces drawing as a fully rendered medium. Her drawings are not just studies toward paintings or sculptures but stands independently.  This contemporary outlook of drawing elevated as a stand-alone medium facilitates a new form of expression that explores the meeting of visible forms and invisible spaces. Bunny’s highly complex process enables boundless opportunities in craftsmanship towards producing an intricately resolved work of art. It is through her unique approach that she pushes the limits of the technical complexities of drawing, in all its tradition and history as the foundation of visual art and design. 

The invisible movements and structural mechanisms of the human body influence her work. Driven by detailed observation, Bunny seeks to capture the intricacies of the body’s ephemeral movements through awareness of anatomy and delicacy of the drawing process. She is attracted to the Japanese aesthetic that facilitates suggestive, subtle appreciation of the human form. Her drawings embrace implied beauty, making ethereal glimpses of skin in breaks between darkness and light. These works are simultaneously architectural, through an investigation of anatomical structure, and show the fluidity of the body through the disappearance and reappearance of the human form. Through these artworks, Bunny investigates the body, its movement, and its relationship to space.  

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bunny currently resides and works from her studio in Columbus, Georgia.

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