Kate Scrivner

Kate Scrivner

My name is Kate Scrivner. I was born and raised in Columbus, GA. I have always been fascinated by the arts. As soon as I got into art, I knew that it would be something I could never put away. I am a student at Columbus State University. I am working on my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a focus in painting. I study under the incredible, Bo Bartlett. I have learned so much about the world, art, and simply how to live from him. The support of the arts in Columbus is amazing. 

I am inspired by the natural world and the forms and colors in it. I enjoy realism as well as complete abstraction. As I learn more and more about different art mediums and techniques, the more I desire to learn everything there is to learn. Art is so exciting and fulfilling. I have a passion for art and for people. I love that this allows me to combine the two. I love creating a piece of art that I dream up with another person. I find art as a way to brighten the world and to make people's lives better. I am so thankful for the passion the Lord has put in my heart. 

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