Max Mitchell's love for cardboard art began in childhood as he used his creativity to make cardboard toys for his brother. This love grew during his involvement with the Bo Bartlett Center's "Home Is Where the Art Is" program for the homeless at the Rose Hill Safe House. 

Max now lives on his own in the Bibb City area of Columbus and is able to support himself through the sale of his art and part-time work with Helen Brooks Art. He also receives training in art and trades as he assists artists in the Mill District Studios in their daily work.  

Max puts much thought, time, and heart into crafting each unique piece, and your purchase allows him to continue to grow as an artist and encourage others with his art and stories.


Columbus State University art student Dalton Tanner attended the prestigious  Mildred’s Lane “Young Artist Residency” program in Pennsylvania during 2019 on a scholarship funded by Highland Galerie. Mildred’s Lane has a ninety-acre location near New York City and hosts aspring creators to develop their skills through classes, speakers, and work.

Dalton describes his art as bringing light to the relationships between objects and materials. He typically uses minimally processed materials to communicate different perspectives with his audience. He likes using lines to visually display the way our mind relates other lines together between connections, bound and unbound. Using muted and natural colors, Dalton’s goal is for people to see the objects for what they are. 

He says that his time at Mildred's Lane impacted his art in several ways. First, he was able to learn how to embarrass the aesthetic that he already had set in his work. Second, Mildred’s Lane helped with the engagement of the audience. But overall, he felt like this experience strengthened his process and mind as an artist.

In the future, Dalton plans to finish his third week at Mildren’s Lane as a fellow to complete his certification with the program. He also wants to expand his exploration of objects he uses in his art and current exhibition. A long term goal of Dalton’s is to finish a masters program either in the southeast region or abroad, possibly in Europe. 

Highland Galerie is honored to have been able to contribute to this young artists's journey.

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