Jo Farris

Artist Jo Farris paints urban landscapes with figures depicting transition and movement. The pulse of these cities undulates with traffic and pedestrians as they move though their life's experiences. These oil paintings have universal subjects but are layered in mystery by her use of transparencies, stained applications within areas of excavations and flat density.

She began her formal education at the Mississippi State College for Women painting in the realist tradition. Her studies continued at the University of South Alabama which offered her a firm understanding of abstraction. It is the marriage of these two traditions which give her current paintings an edginess with rhythm and authenticity without explicit definition.

Ms. Farris asks, “How do you know if you have an impact on people? Strangers who sit at traffic lights and shoppers in stores...The small kindnesses and grand gestures clash with neglect and violence. How as artists do we tell that story? It is that paradox that informs my work. I merge form and content to tell this story of shadow people...of those known and unknown.”


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