Katie Jacobson

Katie Jacobson

“My eye is very sensitive to light and color. I am inspired by light and it’s aesthetic relationship with color in mundane scenes. With oil paint as my central medium, I enjoy painting people, animals, landscapes, and still lifes. My paintings evolve around the evanescence of time and the uniqueness’s of short- lived experiences and moments. They develop as light advances on its object and in its environment. My paintings are an opportunity to visually intake the unacknowledged, yet distinguishable, beauty of entity.”

“For as long as I remember I have expressed myself through art. My grandmother, an artist, had me painting and drawing as soon as I could hold a paintbrush. Born and raised in Columbus Georgia, I continued on to the University of Mississippi where art grew from passion into a personal connection and commitment. I spent 5 years moving around to different cities, and earlier this year decided to move back to my hometown, Columbus GA.” 

Katie loves painting commissions and also live weddings.


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