Maudie Huff

Maudie enjoys painting private and public gardens, landscapes and still lifes in an impressionist type style. Her love of painting and gardening comes directly from her mother, Julia O. Martin, a noted Georgia landscape designer. 

Maudie graduated from The Lovett School in Atlanta in 1972 and from Mary Baldwin College in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. While at Mary Baldwin she spent her junior year in Perugia, Italy studying Art History and Italian. 

Since moving to Columbus in 1987, Maudie has painted part-time and given many paintings to support local auctions and regional fund raising events. She continues to take painting classes at The Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Maine, The Bascom Art Center in Highlands, North Carolina and private lessons. 

Maudie’s favorite medium is oil but she also enjoys doing pastels on paper especially out of her studio. After recently taking a palette knife class at The Bascom, Maudie has experimented with this different technique. Although, it calls for the use of a lot more paint and is very messy, she loves it! 

Maudie and her husband Bill enjoy living in Columbus, traveling and taking art classes together. She continues to pursue her love of gardening and painting- both are her lifetime passions.


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